ashchurch place

Ashchurch Place is a delightful street based urban quarter of 2 to 4 storey terraced houses laid out around 3 mews streets and 2 new tree lined public squares.

The new mews streets connect Ashchurch Park Villas in the west with Ashchurch Grove and Goldhawk Road in the east. At their intersection, at the heart of the project, these open out into a small public square.

At the eastern edge of the site, the buildings follow the slow curve of Ashchurch Grove and existing mature trees are retained.

A state of the art sheltered housing scheme is located in a terrace along the northern section of the site.

In all locations public space is very well overlooked with street frontages enlivened by front doors, bay
windows and balconies. Every house has its own good sized piece of outside place in the form of balcony, courtyard and roof terrace.


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