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North Street provides a picturesque terrace of 14 dwellings on a

small strip of land, previously thought undevelopable, between

Webber House and North Street.

All homes are designed to the GLA / National Space Standards

as a minimum and consists of 12 houses designed to the current

equivalent to Lifetime Homes and two dwellings designed to be

fully wheelchair accessible.

Twelve 1 bedroom houses and two 2 bedroom wheelchair

accessible houses all have generous private amenity space.

All dwellings have front garden/courtyards and Unit 14 also has

a terrace at 1st fl oor. All homes are light, airy and dual or triple

aspect. Importantly the main outlooks of the units face into the

courtyards, eliminating overlooking to the adjacent buildings.

The houses are confi gured as a discrete and delightful architecture,

forming a picturesque backdrop to Webber House and enhancing

the existing estate.